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Phoenix Mediation and Arbitration

Skilled Mediators and Arbitrators

Attorneys who select our mediators and arbitrators to facilitate alternate resolution of clients' disputes benefit from our extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of trial settings.

We offer valuable, diverse understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of claims and defenses. Because of our diverse experiences as litigators and trial attorneys, we are able to help litigators and their clients recognize when it is in their best interest to “give a little more” or “take a little less” based on our insightful analysis of the facts, the law, and how judges and juries are likely to respond to their arguments.

Success in alternative dispute resolution is enhanced by extensive experience by the mediator or arbitrator in litigation and trial work. Both Tom Shorall and Paul McGoldrick are fellows of the American Board of Trial Advocates and fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers.


  • Paul McGoldrick has served as either mediator or arbitrator in hundreds of cases, by court appointment and at the selection of the parties. He is a member of the prestigious National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and for the last two years has made Super Lawyers' "Top 50 Arizona" list of attorneys statewide.

  • Tom Shorall's mediation and arbitration work focuses primarily on resolution of personal injury and construction matters.

  • Paul Brinkmann has considerable experience in mediating business and real estate disputes, as a mediator for Coconino County Superior Court and the Northern Arizona Board of Realtors.

Paul McGoldrick, Phoenix Mediator

Paul McGoldrick

Paul Brinkmann, Flagstaff Mediator

Paul Brinkmann

Tom Shorall, Phoenix Mediator

Tom Shorall


Mediation and Arbitration Facilities

  • The firm’s Phoenix office maintains separate conference rooms to accommodate multiple parties in mediations, arbitrations and less formal settlement negotiations.

  • The firm’s Flagstaff office has conference facilities for small groups, whether for formal or informal resolution to parties’ disputes.

Phoenix Mediator, Arbitrator